EXO Insights helps global energy companies drive the full performance potential of their workforce in high-risk, mission-critical environments where safety and precision are top priorities, using advanced AR/VR systems. EXO Insights measures the “how” of work, allowing workers and training leaders to improve their knowledge and work capacity. Our EXO Biometric solution transforms and builds on existing industrial safety and training standards to move organizations past traditional training methods.

Our suite of sensors, integrated with the VR/AR hardware, collects precise behavioural data generated during sector-specific designed simulations. The EXO Analytics engine then consolidates trainees knowledge and behavioural data to provide organizations with actionable insights to improve industrial safety and productivity.

Biometrics Enhanced Mixed Reality

Know your workforce performance + knowledge gaps, no questions asked.

Powerful Analytics

Biometricdata combined with simulation results offer a revolutionary approach to training analytics.

Validated Results

Academically validated data.

Human Performance Focus

Human Performance focus and Complex Team simulation.

RESOURCES & Articles

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"To decarbonize the electric power system, it takes fully leveraging every technology and tool available to you,” says Jeff Lyash, President and CEO of Ontario Power Generation (OPG). In this interview for EPRI Journal, Lyash discusses the keys to success with decarbonization efforts, nuclear power refurbishment, and customer engagement.

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Canadian operator uses on-site invention labs to accelerate tech gains

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is using on-site technology invention labs and a streamlined development process to transfer the latest advances to operational plants, Jason Wight, Director of Engineering at OPG's Pickering plant, told the Nuclear Plant Digitalization conference.

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2018 Industry Survey Results - The Real State of XR/AR/VR

There’s a lot of talk around XR technologies and content struggling to live up to the hype, but what are those working at the forefront of the industry seeing? In the lead up to VRX 2018 on December 6-7 in San Francisco, we ran a survey with our community of content creators, tech juggernauts, enterprise companies and investors.

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