Go Beyond Training

Boost Human Performance in the nucleAR Industry

Keep your operations reliable and event-free with advanced human performance improvement. Prevent human errors, improve judgment and self-awareness and focus on continuous improvement in mission-critical, high-risk work environments. Trust EXO Insights Human Performance management to go beyond conventional training and prepare your operations and maintenance teams to perform at their best in high-risk, high-stress situations.

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Experience EXO’s HPI Platform

EXO’s HPI Human Performance Improvement platform leverages scientifically validated biometric monitoring and feedback and brings the digital twin to life so your maintenance and operations standards to go beyond traditional training.

  • Reduce workloads.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity, and  
  • Mitigate the risk of human errors so plants remain reliable and event-free.


Improved Workplace Safety for the Energy Industry

For the energy generation industry – especially nuclear operators -- enhanced human performance enables continuous improvement while eliminating complacency and risk from the organization.

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