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EXO Insights helps global energy companies uncover the full performance potential of the their workforce. Our EXO Biometric VR/AR solution transforms and builds on existing industrial safety and training standards to move organizations past traditional training methods. Particularly effective in high-risk, mission critical environments where safety and precision are top priorities, EXO Insights measures the “how” of work, allowing workers and training leaders to improve their knowledge and work capacity. 

Our suite of sensors, integrated with VR/AR hardware, collects precise behavioural data generated during sector-specific designed simulations. The EXO Analytics engine then consolidates trainees knowledge and behavioural data to provide organizations with actionable insights to improve industrial safety and productivity.

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EXO Insights delivers training that is as close to reality as possible. Leveraging state of the art virtual reality (VR), artificial reality (AR) and biometric technologies we create a safe and hyper-real training experience that allows workers to rehearse critical tasks and put their learning to the test in a safe, simulated workplace. Simulation allows workers and organizations to safely fail, so they can learn from those failures and ensure they are not repeated in real life. 

Fernando Muniz-Simas

CEO, EXO Insights

CEO, EXO InsightsFernando carries a solid track record of applying new technologies to helping businesses better understand and serve their customers and employees. He leads a team of experienced technology and industry experts. Under his leadership, EXO Insights has produced a competitive advantage for businesses that has powered innovation, safety, productivity, and cost-savings.

The promise of technology has always motivated Fernando. He worked in data analytics before joining the family industrial design firm where he brought an engineering eye for detail and his passion for innovation, while expanding its services to 3 additional offices. Fernando has led design innovation for corporations like Nestlé, Unilever, Reckitt Benckiser, Unilever, Campbells, General Mills, and others. 

Around 10 years ago this focus on technology steered the company to new potential technologies  like VR/AR. Based on EXO designed hardware integration he brought eyetracking to VR as a global first and applied this to 20 Market Research projects global companies like 3M, Coca-Cola, Reckit Benckiser, Nestlé and Sanofi–Aventis. EXO core technological acumen was born. Focusing on the larger, more challenging workforce training and process optimization world was the logical decision. Today EXO has made an impact on a range of industries including, energy, construction, mining, consumer goods and retail.

Fernando received a Master of Science in Business Management and Innovation from the Fundación Armando Álvares Penteado in Brazil.

Jesse Tebbs

Director of R&D

Director of R&DJesse is responsible for technology development at EXO Insights, leading a diverse group of engineers, product development specialists and vendors. His focus is to design, develop and maintain training, research and process optimization simulations that immerse users in virtual and augmented reality environments. These simulations also utilize a suite of biometric sensors to capture insights about the users physicality, emotional state, decision processes, and conscious and unconscious behavior patterns. 

Jesse brings specialized expertise in the areas of Mechatronics Design, Prototype Building, Systems Design, Application Engineering, Technical Concepting, and Electromechanical Debugging. Prior to EXO Insights, Jesse founded Tebbs Robotics, developing award-winning robotic solutions by integrating custom mechatronic applications with off-the-shelf robotic parts. Previous to that, he worked in product design and development roles for several custom robotics, engineering and application development firms. 

Jesse received a B.S. in Physics and Astronomy from York University, Toronto, ON.

Silvia Marega

CFO, EXO Insights

CFO, EXO InsightsSilvia is the General Administrative Manager, Financial Controller, and Human Resources manager at EXO Insights. She has broad experience in all administrative, legal and financial aspects of managing medium sized businesses. She is a founder of EXO Insights and is deeply experienced in all aspects of the business.

Prior to EXO Insights, Silvia was responsible for the commercial and financial management of two design and technology firms, DIL Brands S.A. and IVD S.A. She worked as a financial analyst for Brasil’s largest optical retailer, Fotoptica Ltda, and as a Deputy Director – Private Banking - for High Net Worth Clients at Santander Securities Services D.T.V.M. S.A.

Silvia received her Bachelor of Science in Business Management with a Masters in Finance from Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado in São Paulo, Brazil

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