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why our technology works

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Tapping Into the Subconscious

The Conscious Mind

Our self-conscious mind (pre-frontal cortex) as is capable of managing 3 to 4 tasks simultaneously using 5% of our cognitive power, only. At classes, while listening, paying attention and taking notes basically all our capacity is used and it can be extremely intensive and exhausting. Modern learning techniques suggests periods of pause to recover these channels full capacity

The Subconscious Mind

The remaining 95% of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviour are a result of the non-observed behaviour of our subconscious mind (Lipton, 2009 and Szegedy-Mazak 2005). There is an unlimited potential of long-term, memory stimulating learning that is dormant here, controlling thousands of tasks at a time. Immersive technologies are specially efficient in stimulating the hypothalamus which in turn, activates the brains functions in a variety of ways, favouring a better longer lasting learning process.

Biometrics enhanced Mixed Reality

EXO Insights platform provides indicators that will help you  better understand and train your workforce based on their behaviours. Stress, attention and focus are all variables that will help mitigate the effect of unexpected events in high risk situations.

The benefit is that it is training that simulates real life.
EXO Insights brings learning as close to reality as possible. We take full advantage of the immersive nature of VR/AR technologies to allow workers to directly apply learning in simulated real-world settings.

Powerful Analytics

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms help the EXO Insights platform harvest the right data to provide you with the most applicable indicators. We can design indicators to match and identify knowledge gaps, which are precursors to a variety of incidents.

You can drive more returns from your training investment. Improved workforce training can and should deliver improved company performance. Our insights and analytics allow you to directly  link human performance to business outcomes, dramatically increasing training return on investment (ROI).

Validated Results

There’s a lot of conversation about the potential of VR/AR for training, but does it really work in the field?. EXO Insights is actively working with experts from the University of Waterloo to validate our methods and the effectiveness of biometrics in general.

Our unique biometric VR/AR solution has been validated with 9,000+ users through decades of market research. We are also collaborating with experts at the University of Waterloo to further research in this exciting field of training.

Human Performance Focus

EXO Insights looks at simulation from the Human Performance perspective. We are focused on analysing the challenges us, humans, will face in our workplaces, rather than simulating machinery. Expect to solve your individual challenges as well as your team simulations with us.

You will safely learn from your mistakes. Simulation allows workers and organizations to safely fail, and learn from those failures so they are not repeated in real life.