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EXO Insights delivers solutions that are as highly realistic. Leveraging state of the art virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and biometric technologies we create a safe and hyper-real  experience that allows workers to rehearse critical tasks and put their learning to the test in a safe, simulated workplace. Simulation allows workers and organizations to safely fail, so they can learn from those failures and ensure they are not repeated in real life. 

EXO BMS precisely tracks fixations, or the points in the workplace your eyes have given greater attention.

Passing your mouse over blocks shows the focus and awareness given to each element.

A list of AOI´s (areas of interest) are provided to the trainee so he may improve his workplace awareness.

Clicking on the blocks will disclose what safety element it represents.

Eye-position precedes action and precisely identifies the gaps of knowledge.

A Biometrics-Enhanced Mixed Reality Experience

EXO Insights helps employers better understand and train their workforce based on worker behaviours. Stress, attention and focus are all variables that come into play and can affect worker performance and safety, especially when unexpected events occur in high risk situations/environments.

Powerful Analytics and Interactive Reporting

EXO Insights harvests biometrics and simulation data to provide you with a better understanding of worker performance and the ability to pinpoint knowledge gaps, which can be precursors for a variety of incidents. This information allows employers to drive greater returns from your training investment and directly link human performance to business outcomes, which dramatically increases training return on investment (ROI).

Training that taps into the subconscious mind

A Human Performance Focus

EXO Insights looks at simulation from the human performance perspective. We are focused on analyzing the challenges that humans face each day in industrial workplaces, rather than simulating machinery, allowing employees to safely learn from their mistakes. 

The Conscious Mind

Our self-conscious mind (pre-frontal cortex) as is capable of managing 3 to 4 tasks simultaneously using 5% of our cognitive power, only. At classes, while listening, paying attention and taking notes basically all our capacity is used and it can be extremely intensive and exhausting. Modern learning techniques suggests periods of pause to recover these channels full capacity

The SubConscious Mind

The remaining 95% of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviour are a result of the non-observed behaviour of our subconscious mind (Lipton, 2009 and Szegedy-Mazak 2005). There is an unlimited potential of long-term, memory stimulating learning that is dormant here, controlling thousands of tasks at a time. Immersive technologies are specially efficient in stimulating the hypothalamus which in turn, activates the brains functions in a variety of ways, favouring a better longer lasting learning process.

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