Mission Critical Training
for Real Life Risks

When the dependability of your operations and lives are at stake, our Human Performance focused biometric digital twin platform helps you and your employees better prepare and reduce risk.

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create a competitive edge with digital realities

Improve Training Efficiency

Expand worker’s deep subject expertise

Precisely identify knowledge gaps

Improve worker learning density

Reduce cost of training and improve ROI using full scope site precise Digital Twin

Advance Worker Capabilities with Enhanced Biometrics

Improve workplace focus and decrease stress

Build worker capacity for rapid decision-making in high stress situations

Easily visualize extremely complex processes and operations

Gain new insights into individual, team, site worker behaviors

Control & Improve Operational Efficiency

Minimize the risk of revenue threatening events

Mitigate the risk of operative downtime due to critical errors

Reign in operational expenditures

Avoid loss of life and assets



"We were looking for a cutting edge, innovative solution that makes a difference in the real world. Something that saves real money and solves real problems. EXO’s implementation of a multi-user VR  training environment that fully immerses engineers and technicians in a digital twin of the facility is just that."

Innovation Specialist

Ontario Power Generation

Our Industries

DIGITAL TWINS applied to mission critical tasks


Solutions for the vast spectrum of activities in precision engineering including high-end training and workday tracking and planing tools  

Resources & Articles

A Deep Dive Into the World of Digital Reality Training



New AREA member EXO Insights has carved a successful niche in the enterprise AR market as a source of biometric VR/AR solutions that transform and build on existing industrial safety and training standards to move organizations past traditional training. EXO collects precise behavioural data generated during sector-specific designed simulations.

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Unity MARS Beta Testing

EXO Insights has been asked to beta Unity's new MARS Project as an expert company in the Augmented Reality field. MARS opens a new world of possibilities for our developments. What is MARS, and how can we use it for your benefit? Read on!

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EXO Insights Makes Dangerous Work Safer With VR

The stakes are high and you’re under extreme pressure. How do you make sure you’re trained to do your job correctly – and safely – every time? That’s where virtual and augmented reality come in. EXO Insights’s hyper-real training experience allows workers to rehearse critical tasks and put their learning to the test in a safe, simulated workplace.

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